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What is a Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

It’s the hosting environment that offers Virtualized server resources on a physical server shared with other users.

However, you have exclusive access to Private dedicated space on that server, including a reserved allocation of resources.

With your dedicated space on the Server, you gain greater control and more customization options.

What is a VPS

Managed VPS or Self-Managed VPS, which one is suitable for you?

Choose Managed VPS if:

You need technical expertise in server administration.

You require daily full server maintenance for your application.

You desire regular software and hardware updates.

You expect a 24/7 dedicated data protection, security, and support.

You want to focus more on your business and LDC to manage your server

Get Managed VPS Hosting

Choose Self-Managed VPS if:

You require higher levels of access over your server

You possess the necessary technical and security experience.

You aim to reduce costs.

Get Self-Managed VPS Hosting

Keep your focus on managing your business and let LDC manage your VPS

Choose the management model that fits your needs while checking out

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VPS Hosting Features

trusted partner support

Handling Large and Critical Applications

VPS hosting servers enable the hosting of critical applications and handling large tasks with high efficiency. Many small businesses aim to establish a robust online presence with advanced requirements similar to dedicated hosting, but at an affordable price.

admin mangement


VPS hosting can serve many websites and applications. If your website’s traffic is unpredictably fluctuating, and your business is expanding to include multiple products and projects, the server will easily accommodate all of this.

Local support

Full Control

VPS hosting's unique mechanism grants full control that operate as an independent server with their own RAM, operating systems, control panels, and more. In this way, VPS users have the freedom to add features and create their configurations as desired.

up to date


VPS Hosting is compatible with every operating system. Business owners can freely host websites and apps on various operating systems such as Linux and Windows and all their versions.


Affordable Price

By renting server space from a VPS provider, businesses avoid heavy technology expenses. They can scale and pay only for the server capacity they need, eliminating the need to invest in the entire infrastructure.

expert support

Dedicated Resources

Opposite to shared hosting, you have dedicated resources for your rented server. It's exclusively yours, allowing you to dictate applications and usage.

VPS Hosting is Best Suited For

Multiple Websites

VPS hosting unlocks multiple websites’ management. Benefit from the freedom of personalized control, full resources, and a suite of customizable features crafted for each website individually.


By utilizing VPS hosting, performance, scalability, security, customization, and overall reliability can be enhanced, contributing to a better user experience and potentially increased sales for eCommerce sites which often attract high traffic volumes.

Host multiple websites or ecommerce

Testing and Development

VPS hosting empowers testing and development environments through flexibility and customization. Kickoff to experiment and collaborate more efficiently, reaching improved software quality and faster cycles.


VPS hosting stands as the ideal choice for fulfilling specific database hosting requirements. Benefit from the enhanced security, seamless scalability, and a tailored environment for optimal database performance.

Host test enviroments and databases

Heavy Applications

Don't compromise on performance for your heavy applications. With VPS hosting supporting the latest technologies, ensure the stability and reliability needed for these resource-intensive applications.

Custom Applications

To effectively meet the unique requirements of your applications, rely on VPS hosting's top-tier features, offering customization, security, and flexibility fit to host your custom applications.

Host heavy and custom applications

Why VPS Hosting from LDC?

Get Flexible server configurations VPS

Flexible server configurations

Gain the capability to personalize every aspect of your server to align with your needs. This includes adjusting CPU and RAM resources, handpicking your preferred operating system among options like Linux, Windows, and more. Enjoy extensive scalability, allowing easy upgrades or downgrades, along with complete user access for full server management.

Buy VPS Hosting with Multi-Currency

No foreign currency exchange rate impact

Currency rates aren’t stable? Well, not with LDC. Your payments remain unaffected by foreign exchange rate changes because LDC provides you with the option to either pay in EGP or USD.

Get VPS Hosting with Secured Enviroment

Fully secured environment

We're dedicated to providing high server’s security measures shielding your data against cyber threats. From multi-layered network security and cutting-edge data encryption to tailored access controls, regular updates, reliable backups, and more, we've comprehensively covered your protection.

Buy VPS Hosting with Accessible Payment Methods

Accessible Payment Methods

Experience seamless payment with our different payment options. LDC provides effortless online payments via bank cards, convenient cash transactions via Kiosks, or swift bank deposits and transfers. The choice is yours!

Get Bilingual customer support with VPS Hosting

Bilingual customer support

Access the premium support in the language that suits you best. Our team of expert bilingual customer support is here, fluent in both Arabic and English, ensuring you receive a smooth assistance.

Buy VPS Hosting from an Experienced Provider

Over 25 years of experience

Believing in the power of experience is our Philosophy. With over 25 years of dedication, we've catered to countless customers, meeting their hosting needs with competitive pricing and uncompromising quality.

VPS Hosting FAQs

VPS hosting, short for ‘Virtual Private Server’, is one of the most common hosting services that enable various customers to host their applications/services with ease. This virtual server emulates a physical server with each user renting dedicated resources on the server rather than sharing the server resources like the shared hosting.

VPS hosting relies on virtualization technology, which divides the server using a virtual layer, allowing each user to choose their operating system and application independently. So, you can have full control over your server, separate from other users.

Anyone that wants to host:

  • A Small to medium-sized business website
  • A Web/mobile application with predictable traffic
  • Have the freedom to create, design, and manage your web presence
  • An E-commerce platform
  • Large blogs experiencing rapid visitor growth
  • Databases
  • CRM
  • File Servers
  • Active Directory
  • Any other application

It's generally recommended to start with the lowest-cost plan to assess its features and determine if its capabilities meet your requirements before deciding whether to upgrade or stay with it. However, the best practice is to know your application requirements and based on them choose the right plan for your application.

LDC provide its customers with many benefits such as:

  • Paying with either EGP or USD
  • World-Class security for your environment
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Arabic and English customer support
  • A variety of support channels
  • More than 25 years of experience providing hosting services to different industries