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What is Web Hosting?

The Web Hosting service is a smart solution where you can rent a space on a server to be your official website, including all the files and data that positively represent your company’s activities.

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The web hosting service is your perfect doorway to having an affordable and secure website for your growing business, using Windows or Linux hosting.

Why Web Hosting from LDC?

Get support for your Web Hosting


Our support is always here to assist, guaranteeing the optimal performance of the website, and handling technical inquiries about all our services.

Get Web Hosting from an Experienced Provider


Our high-level 25+ years of experience was a principal motive to gain the trust of 7,000+ clients across multiple industries.

Buy Web Hosting with Multi-Currency


Wish to pay in Dollars? EGP? With access to multiple currencies, we bring out the payment process tailored to your preferences.

Get Web Hosting with Guaranteed Uptime

Guaranteed Uptime

“Always UP, no downs”. The 99.9% uptime guarantee makes your website ready for visitors 24/7 . We commit to our terms to keep your systems running.

Get a VPS with High-Grade Security

High-Grade Security

Experience robust website security that meets the world-class standards and infrastructure technologies that satisfy your highest expectations including SSL, firewalls, regular updates, DDoS Mitigation, and more.

LDC Web Builder

Simply create your own website using our user-friendly website builder that is equipped with essential tools and templates, all without the need for coding expertise. Customize your website with unique designs that perfectly match your business requirements and reflect your distinctive style. You can get the LDC Web Builder when you buy one of our Linux Web Hosting plans.

The LDC Web Builder comes with:

  • 200+ Customizable Themes
  • Multilingual Website/Dashboard
  • Responsive Website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Integration
Get LDC Web Builder with LDC's Web Hosting

Web Hosting FAQs

Because you need to publish your website’s content to be accessible on the Internet, your customers can easily contact you and learn more about your services, products, updates, and offers.

Anyone can, from a business owner that wants to sell their products online to a student that wants to display their projects online.

No, LDC will support you with the administration and maintenance of your website.

When you use this service, you rent a space on a physical server to upload your website’s data. Then, LDC operates your website through the latest hosting technologies and provides the needed resources to make sure your website’s content reaches your visitors securely.

LDC’s uptime is 99.9% and always keeps the server up and running to help your visitors access your website all the time.

Yes, you can. However, this means you will set up a new server from scratch that will require high technical skills, plus many expensive resources like fast and reliable Internet connection, Firewall, hardware, and software.That is why many people prefer to host their website with a trusted web hosting provider, so they avoid all the complications and receive technical support to solve all their issues whenever needed.

To put your website online you will need a domain name, your website files, and a Web Hosting provider such as LDC.

Website files are the building blocks of a website. They contain all the necessary information and code that make up a website.You can get your website files either from your developers or you can build your website from scratch with our free website builder.

It is recommended that you first use the simplest hosting solution and the lowest plan until your website gets more traffic and requires more advanced plans with extra features and technologies.

A website builder is a tool that helps you build your website without the need for a team of developers or any coding knowledge. LDC offers a website builder for free when you purchase one of our Linux Web Hosting plans.

The shared hosting is the proper service for them because it is very affordable and includes simple technologies and features that meet their current standard needs.

VPS hosting is a suitable service for those customers because it dedicates a server space for their needs, to handle the increased traffic to achieve the desired performance.